Did you know that genetic and developmental variations in human teeth are quite common? While some teeth, like the upper central incisors, show variations very rarely, teeth like the upper lateral incisors and the lower second premolars show variations very often.

The peg variation of an upper lateral incisors is a form of the incisors that looks like it’s name sounds: it is shaped like a peg! People who develop peg shaped lateral incisors may have only 1 variable tooth, or may experience the variation on both the right and left side.

Even though these teeth appear different in shape, they are healthy and functional teeth. Most importantly for your orthodontist, they have a healthy root and can be moved just like any other tooth. During orthodontic treatment, if you or your child have this variation of incisor, your orthodontist will likely recommended working with your general dentist to increase the size of the tooth at the conclusion of treatment. Small sized teeth do not only have an effect on esthetics of the smile, but they have a big effect on your bite.

If you or your child has what appears to be a peg variation of the lateral incisor, schedule a consultation with your orthodontist to see what the best treatment option is for you! At many offices, including Castleton Orthodontics, consultations are free!


(Image of Peg Variation from American Academy of Prosthodontists)