Orthodontist Indianapolis

Castleton Orthodontics, Indianapolis Orthodontist

Welcome to Castleton Orthodontics, your Indianapolis orthodontist. Our doctors are orthodontic specialists. They have years of experience in making beautiful smiles with:

Metal braces

Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Invisalign / Clear Aligners. 


Our Office

We are located near the Castleton Mall in Northeast Indianapolis, IN. Our office is nearby to patients living in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs. Our experienced staff will work with you to find a time for a free new patient exam. Our orthodontists will let you know what treatment they recommend for you or your child. We will provide you with an estimate and payment plan options. You can’t put a price on a beautiful smile, but we do understand that finances are important. So, we offer a variety of payment plans to make sure that orthodontic treatment will fit your budget.


Braces for Kids

Orthodontics for children is a big part of our practice. We love working with kids! Our doctors have years of experience providing expanders, spacers, bite correctors and braces for kids. You can bring your children to our office as early as age 7 for a free exam. We recommend your child start seeing the orthodontist for a yearly exam at age 7. This way, our doctors can check their skeletal and dental development and diagnose problems as they develop. Working with children has been a rewarding part of our doctors’ and staff’s jobs and we thank the parents of Indianapolis for placing their trust in us! 


Braces for Adults

Of course, adults deserve to have great smiles too! Braces for adults in Indianapolis and surrounding areas is also a big part of our practice. Whether you have had braces before and your teeth have relapsed, or whether this experience with orthodontics will be your first, we are excited to help you get the smile you want!

Orthodontics has changed a lot in the last decades and, now, you will find that we offer discrete treatment options such as ceramic (clear) braces and invisalign / clear aligners to help straighten your teeth and correct your bite. If you have any missing teeth and are planning on getting implants or a partial denture to replace your missing teeth, having orthodontic treatment to regain any lost tooth space is a great idea to make sure your dental work is the best it can be.


Payment Plans

Finances are always a concern when it comes to dental and orthodontic work. At our Indianapolis office, our experienced office staff are here to help you with the finances of orthodontic treatment. We will work with your dental insurance to ensure that you utilize your benefits to their maximum.

We will also work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget. Our in-house payment plans are interest free and make your down payment and monthly payment affordable for you. If our in-house plan is not for you, we also contract with a third-party lender to help you bring your monthly payments down to an amount that fits your budget. Before making any payments, come to the office for a free exam and free consultation to learn what treatment is right for you and to have an estimate payment plan arranged for you.