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Summer sports are here and no matter which sport your child plays, it’s important to protect their teeth? Our stance at Castleton Orthodontics, is that you can’t be too cautious in protecting teeth. A question we often get from our patient is “can my child wear a mouthguard with braces?”. And the answer is – Yes! There are many designs of mouthguards available that fit over braces.

Unlike mouthguards used without braces, the mouthguards that we recommend due not mold to your teeth. Rather, these are universal and non-customized mouthguards designed to have extra space to make room for braces. But just because these mouthguards aren’t molded to the teeth, doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable. If you bring your mouthguard to your orthodontic appointments, our doctors are more than happy to trim and adjust your child’s mouthguard to make sure it is comfortable for them. There is no charge for this service, we just want to protect your child’s teeth!

Happy summer everyone! Have a blast!

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