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Adult Braces

Adult braces are an important part of our office because adults deserve to have straight teeth just as much as kids! Whether you have had braces before or you this will be your first time, many adults have undergone orthodontic treatment and you can too. A common concern we hear from adult patients at their new patient exam is that they are concerned that their teeth will not move like they do for children. Adult bone is denser than a child’s and our metabolism is slower than a child’s, but adult teeth do move and we can make your teeth ready for Hollywood.


During a free exam and free consultation at our Indianapolis office, you can learn about what treatment options are available to you. Many adults prefer an orthodontic treatment option that is discreet rather than the traditional metal brackets and bands that characterize braces. Ceramic (clear) brackets are a great new orthodontic technology and allow your doctor to do the same tooth movements that regular braces do without the braces look.


Another discreet option for aligning your teeth is invisalign or clear aligners. Clear aligners are a great option for someone with minor crowding or perhaps relapse of just one or tooth teeth. This treatment option offers tooth alignment with no metal or ceramic on the teeth, just as if there is nothing on the teeth at all. With this sequence of clear trays that hug the surfaces of your teeth, you can straighten your teeth and get the smile that you deserve.


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