Tooth Crowding in Children

Tooth Crowding in Children


Tooth crowding is the most widely recognized problem that we treat. Crowding of teeth makes oral hygiene challenging, it doesn’t look good, and when it is severe it can cause tooth impaction (when a tooth does not erupt into the mouth). 


Tooth crowding will become evident in your child around 8-9 years of age, as permanent teeth are erupting. Because the front permanent teeth are larger than the baby teeth that they replace, tooth crowding may not be present before permanent teeth erupt but become apparent after they do. 


If your child’s teeth are only mildly crowded, our orthodontists will likely recommend watching and monitoring dental development, because mild crowding can be corrected with braces at a later age. If crowding is severe, a spacer may be recommended to increase available room and resolve crowding in your child.


The most significant problem that can happen in children with severe crowding is tooth impaction (teeth that do not erupt into the mouth). When teeth become impacted, a surgical intervention is required in combination with orthodontics to correct the tooth.