Affordable Braces

Affordable Braces and Payment Plans


It is no secret that orthodontics, and all of dentistry, is expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you or your child do not deserve a healthy and beautiful smile. At our Indianapolis office, we take pride in working at length with every patient and their family to ensure that the cost of braces works for them. When you are preparing for your new patient exam, we recommend you review your budget and talk with those family members that you share financial responsibilities with. We maintain a low-pressure environment and we will always provide you an honest and transparent assessment of our pricing and we will work with you to help braces fit into your budget. 


First things first, we want to make sure you dental insurance is utilized to help with your payments. While you may find a “orthodontics benefit” outlined in your insurance documents, much of that money may not be used to pay for braces unless a professional files your claims. When claims are mismanaged, we often see part or all of a patient’s total benefit being used to interceptive treatments, unnecessary diagnostic records or in other places. At our Indianapolis office, we will walk you through how best to use your benefits and we will courtesy file your claims with your insurance company.


Even after your insurance pays their portion of braces, the remaining balance can seem overwhelming. To make the payments easier for you, we will work with your budget to keep down payments small and monthly payments affordable with our payment plans. When financing is done with our office, no interest is charged.  You will be surprised how affordable braces can be.  We invite you to visit Castleton Orthodontics for a free exam with Dr. Robert Holland to see how affordable orthodontics can be!




Affordable Braces