At our Indianapolis office, we frequently receive questions and concerns about using HSA and FSA funds to pay for Orthodontic treatment. First, what are HSA and FSA funds? An HSA, or a Health Saving Account and an FSA, or a Flex Spending Account are both financial accounts that can be provided by an employer. These accounts allow employees to deposit money from their paychecks, tax free. This tax-free money can be used for approved expenses.

Orthodontic treatment for you or a family member is a qualified expense for utilizing HSA or FSA funds. These funds can be used to pay for your diagnostic records, down payment and monthly payments. Because using these funds saves you money in your income taxes, we are here to work with you to make the most of them!

During the new patient exam, when an estimate and proposed payment plan are developed for your orthodontic treatment, bring with you information about your current plan and potential future plans. Our staff is experienced in helping our patients with various payment options and can help you utilize your yearly contributions before they or forfeit and to determine how much to contribute for your upcoming year.